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Site is up! Crisesnotes.com. You should be able to access your account like normal there. let me know if there are any issues.

UPDATE 04/07/2021

I am moving Notes on the Crises to the hosting service Ghost where I will have my own website at crisesnotes.com. I will post another update when that is available. Please bare with me during this transitional period.


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Notes on the Crises covers the play by play of the current pandemic-induced global depression and how policymakers should respond to it as well as assessing how they actually are responding. There will normally be multiple articles a week. There will be periodic paid guest writers and articles will be professionally edited by a part-time editor. The more subscriptions notes on the Crises gets, the more it will be able to produce.

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The Pandemic-Induced Depression from a Monetary Political Economy perspective.


Published by Nathan Tankus. He is Research director of the Modern Money Network.Bylines in the Financial Times,Business Insider, The Guardian &American Prospect